Please ensure that your Amazon Fire TV Stick is set up before proceeding with the STB Emulator Set-Up.

1. Install DOWNLOADER App

2. In Settings

1. Applications --> Manage Installed Applications --> Downloader --> Permissions --> Storage ALLOW

3. In Settings

My Fire TV --> Developer Options --> Install Unnown Apps --> Downloader ON

(If 'DEVELOPER OPTIONS' is not visible in the menu, press 'ABOUT' and then press the 'Fire TV Stick' seven times. Go back, and the 'DEVELOPER OPTIONS' should now be visible.)
4. Open Downloader App

Download STB Emulator App:
After downloading, agree to the installation. After installation, open the STB Emulator App

5. STB Emulator Set-Up

Press MENU button on the remote controll: Settings --> Profiles --> New Profile

6. Change Portal URL

Portal Settings --> Portal URL
Imput Portal URL you received from us. Press NEXT and OK.
Return to previous menu

7. MAC Address

STB Configuration --> MAC-Address
Input MAC Address you've received from us. Press NEXT and OK.

8. Restart The App

Please press HOME button on the remote control and restart STB Emulator App.

(If it doesn't load, Press MENU Button --> Profiles --> New Profile. You should see yellow loading bar)